Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

This season we thought we’d make a couple silly little cards (since we’ve been going through our costuming storage area and cleaning things up/finding all sorts of fun things) with some costumes we finished in 2012. Here are three cards we put together and posted on tumblr & Facebook and figured we’d put all three up here as well. We wanted to wait until we were finished with all three and had all three posted before putting them up here so the posts here weren’t staggered. πŸ˜‰

So below are three cards and the descriptions we posted for each one!

Adventure Time!

DO YOU LIKE CHEESY THINGS? Because here is something that fits that bill! It’s a holiday card to all you awesome people (<333) and it's one out of three. We figured we'd do something dorky for the holidays with three different costumes we finished during 2012. Any guesses on what the other two (which will be posted later in the week) will be? This one is Finn and Princess Bubblegum hanging Jake on the tree featuring a magical Lumpy Space Princess scarf I made (and will hopefully have some more of at MAGFest)! XD

Matt Miller & Kinzie Kensington

Card 2 of 3! This one features costumes we wore to Dragon*Con 2012 and will be wearing again at MAGFest 2013 – Matt Miller & Kinzie Kensington from Saints Row: The Third!

Matt Miller lights up pretty fabulously in his Deckers gear and Kinzie and Matt REEEEEAAALLLYYYYY don’t like each other. So why not take Matt and use his bright and shiny self as the Saints Christmas tree? Kinzie seems to think that’s a toastable idea.

Also, Nate is a sport for standing there haphazardly wrapped in lights and garland while WIG HAIR HARASSED HIS FACE.

The Glitterati

Our third and final holiday card! Like the Saints Row 3 costumes, we finished Kerith and Jaryn’s (Dance Central) crew outfits for Dragon*Con 2012. With the Street Style costumes we finished in February of this year, it has just been a Glitterati kind of year! XD

Since we knew we were using costumes we completed in 2012 for the three holiday cards, we knew we wanted to use one of the Glitterati costumes on one of the cards. The black, slightly sparkly Santa hats I put together went well with the crew outfits so we chose to go with those! Along with Lady Gaga and drinks, naturally.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! We hope everyone’s season is going well and we wish you the best in the new year!

(See you at MAGFest! ;D)



Heather is a chronic napper and trying to rid herself of her horrible procrastination habit (hahahahaha). In her free time she likes to craft lopsided little things and play video games. Magical, magical video games. You can catch her on Twitter & Tumblr!

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