Steam Roller – Needs more steam

So I wouldn’t say I’ve NOT been on steam.  Quite the opposite actually.  For the first time in forever I’ve actually been involved in some group games (thanks humble borderlands bundle)!  But I haven’t really picked “that one game that I’m going to finally beat and check off my steam library.”  I’ve dabbled in high acclaim indie titles (The Talos Principle), established classics (BioShock), more unknown indies (Spooky’s House of Jump Scares), and off the wall randoms (Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker), but I haven’t actually beaten any of them yet.  Alright, a bit of a misnomer as I have beaten BioShock before, but I’m replaying it for wedding inspiration (you heard that right!).  A tiny bit of blame may be pawned off to Dark Souls 2 (on PS4 I’m a cheaty cheater), aka deathgrinder, aka why-do-I-keep-playing, aka what-weapon-should-I-go-for-next-lets-spend-8-hours-in-the-dark-souls-wiki.


So what I’m saying is everything else is a distraction for something else and I can’t beat anything.  Also since I started writing this post (yes I am a sloth poster), Rocket League came out.  HOLY SHIT ROCKET LEAGUE.  The addictive properties of this game rival some opiates.  Ok, maybe I don’t get withdrawal too bad but still.  I really need to focus on one game and write about it, but lets be real, I even get distracted from my distractions.  This is going to be hard.  BUT I GOTTA DO IT CAUSE REASONS!

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