Gaming – My Ludum Dare 29 (Compo) Faves

No, I’m not reviewing the “top” games.  I’m not going to go over some of my favorites from the competition!  Obviously there’s a lot of games I still haven’t played yet, and in fact I haven’t gotten to any of the jam games yet.  Some of these I discovered through dev blog posts, others through browsing random submission pages and clicking on something that looked interesting.  All of them had something that, in my opinion, set the apart from the others (aka endless mining games).

One hunk, two hunk  Ben Eath: The Surf Ace

One part awkwardly drawn adventure game, two parts…wait, just the first part.  I’m aware that later in the compo more people started attacking the theme in a “punny” manner, but this was one of the first I saw and was instantly transported back to the Windows 98 adventure game days of yore.  Amusing dialog and an acapella sound track make for a short but entertaining little satire!

The Spyware Who Loved Me  TSWLM

Oozing with style, Spyware is a great nod to old school platformers while introducing some interesting mechanics.  I had a thoroughly good time playing.  Wish it was longer for sure.

Bornard  Bornard

As Liz Lemon would say, “What the…what?”  Dark, brooding, alien, pixelated.  All great words to describe Bornard.  This dark adventure game has you in the shoes of…um…and has you go…uh…  My failure to accurate describe what’s going on didn’t detract from my interest though.  I played through twice just to make sure there was only one ending.  Go enjoy the weird-ness now!

Generic Adventure Game  Generic Adventure Game

Another interesting little satire, Generic Adventure Game has you play as the enemy.  The catch?  You have to help the hero (or heroes, as you’ll soon see) beat the level.  But don’t worry, you have a whole alternate universe to guide you.  I must confess I got stuck and didn’t play this one to completion, but I’m sure I’ll be back.

Yumbugs Yumbugs

Incredibly cute.  Slightly grotesque.  An award winning combo!  Yumbugs packs excellent graphics with a fun jump ‘n run style puzzle platformer.  There’s no story to speak of, but who needs one?  I’m could see this becoming an instant casual/mobile hit with a bit more polish and level design.

Bitxl’s Kool Place  Bizxl's Kool Place

You know me, I’m so meta I knew I would write about being meta in this paragraph.  Enjoy super meta game modding with Bitxl and his “simulation”.  This one is extremely short as well, but quite novel and amusing.

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