hexterah on Tosche Station Radio!

Tosche Station Radio!

I was honored to be a guest on Tosche Station Radio (Tosche-Station.net‘s always entertaining Star Wars & Geek Culture podcast!) the other night talking costumes and cosplay with hosts Brian & Nanci as well as White Hot Room‘s Bria. Favorite costumes, how to get into cosplaying/costuming and how we go about working on things are some of the topics covered, as well as the usual Star Wars related shenanigans you get when all of us start talking!

Check out the podcast and related show notes here!

We’re slowly but sure getting pages in the costume section online as well as editing more photos from Katsucon & PAX East (con report coming soon too!), writing a post about our newest set of Dance Central costumes and getting stuff ready for our table at T-MODE in a couple weeks!



Heather is a chronic napper and trying to rid herself of her horrible procrastination habit (hahahahaha). In her free time she likes to craft lopsided little things and play video games. Magical, magical video games. You can catch her on Twitter & Tumblr!

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