Steam Roller – All aboard!

No we’re not jetting across the mid-west like its 1899. I’m talking about Steam the PC gaming platform! I have more games than I know what to do with (153 to be exact), and I’ve only played…maybe a fourth? And of that third how many have I beaten? Uh…

So anyhow I thought it could be interesting to document the process of actually playing all of said games! Play, not beat. I don’t have THAT much spare time on my hands. Hopefully I will discover some hidden gems along the way (as well as some hidden turds).

I know my library is not nearly as big as some, but by golly its still pretty unwieldy. THANKS A BUNCH STEAM SALES/HUMBLE BUNDLES/GENERALLY WELL PRICED PC GAMING MARKET.



Why on earth do I have so many Company of Heroes games?  I’ve never played that series in my entire life!  Ahhhhhhhh!  Anywho I’ve got quite a lot of work ahead of me.  How do I choose what games to play first?  Alphabetical?  That seems too boring.  Perhaps in chronological release date, or maybe purchase date order?  Or how about by download size?  Best or worst metacritic reviews?  The possibilities are endless!

So that’s the long and short of it.  Gonna play some games in my library, write about it, maybe make some bad mspaint comics to ensue hilarity, etc.  Stay tuned for the next post coming this…summer hopefully.

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