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MAGFest 2016 0

Con Report – MAGFest 2016

A few months ago (lolololol finally getting to this post after PAX East look at us go) something crazy went down – that something crazy was Katsucon one weekend and MAGFest the next weekend...

Wooo! PAX East 2015! 0

Con Report – PAX East 2015

Hey, wasn’t PAX East 2 months ago or something? Yes, it was! But our blog had some hiccups and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about all the awesome things...

Awesome Con! 0

Con Report – Awesome Con 2014

April 19th through the 21st was the second year of AwesomeCon in Washington D.C.! Nate and I couldn’t make it last year but we heard only good things so we wanted to make sure we went...