Welcome Back to the Zhoblog!

We never really called it the Zhoblog, that just happened just now. Maybe it will stick. Maybe it will always be “Zhobot’s Blog” or maybe it will continue to be “WRITE A POST ON THAT THING WE HAVE ON THE SITE”… whatever it is, welcome back to it!

We’ve been up to a lot of things lately (MAGFest – where the South Park goth kids photo came from, PAX East, T-MODE, etc.) but the server our blog was originally on had an issue and we realized we’d have to start over. Well, maybe not start over – there are some posts we’ll be back-posting (PAX East 2013, Saints Row Flag Tutorial, stuff like that) and then a slew of new posts will be coming in here. We just wanted to drop a quick post to let everyone know we’re still here and we’re still working on things! The premiere of the Grobits website is coming up soon and we have a number of costumes we’re ready to get some photos of – we also have been working on some new things for the shop (AND we’re working on a new shop).

Another thing we’ve been focused on is our new photography project. It’s called Genii Locorum and it’s all photos inspired by our favorite video games, movies, comics and so on! Check out the site and the photos we’ve taken so far. We might make a post here every five photos or so, just to keep you updated!

Keep an eye out here for all the new stuff we hope to have online soon!



Heather is a chronic napper and trying to rid herself of her horrible procrastination habit (hahahahaha). In her free time she likes to craft lopsided little things and play video games. Magical, magical video games. You can catch her on Twitter & Tumblr!

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