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We’ve been sort of lax on all creative fronts lately due to Real Life (also due to Overwatch), but we’re ready to dive back into the artistic waters with many projects we’re in the middle of and/or want to start. This post is sort of a round up of everything that falls into that category — it’s to inform anyone who might be reading this as well as assisting us in remembering all the crazy crap we want to accomplish here! πŸ˜‰

1.) ZHOBOT.NET (the network/collective)

zhobot updates! - zhobot.net collective

There’s going to be a new layout here soon as well as new layouts and content for a lot of the other sites we have! Soon, zhobot.net is going to be a hub for all of our sites — sort of our creative nexus/collective — we’ll still have our costumes and such on here, but we’ll also have a list of all the projects and things we are a part of — stuff like Equipped Inventory, Neon Shores and a lot of the things you’ll see on this list below!

2.) SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS (Jacen Solo + Tenel Ka Djo/SW: Legends multimedia project) —

zhobot updates! - jacen solo + tenel ka djo

A creative endeavor that has been going on for a good while now, this is a multimedia (photos, gifs, stories, etc.) project surrounding Jacen Solo & Tenel Ka Djo (and their relationship) from the old Star Wars expanded universe (now called Star Wars: Legends). We have a site we’re hoping to revamp soon and content going up over at the project-specific Instagram & Tumblr.

We’re been trying a lot of new things when it comes to photography/videography with this project so we’re learning new techniques while creating content for it. That’s always an added bonus!

3.) GENII LOCORUM (fiction-inspired photography) —

zhobot updates! - genii locorum

Another artistic venture we’ve been working on for some time, Genii Locorum is a photography project which, at its most basic, is one that focuses on images that appear to be straight out of fictional universes. We make props and look for ways to set up photos of them (so far it’s only video games — but we want to branch out into photos inspired by books we like and all that) that make it look like they’re right out of the universe it’s all inspired by.

You can check out the photographs we have so far over at Genii Locorum!

4.) THIS BLOG (upcoming posts) —

zhobot updates! - blog

We’re going to be posting some more old posts here from our old, old blog — probably some costume posts and such, but we’ll also be starting a series of blog posts that will be about our rewatch of the 12 seasons of Supernatural (and fully watching some of the latest ones for the first time in their entirety). We used to watch the show religiously but sort of tapered off a couple seasons back and figure we should go through all the old ones then hit the new ones so we don’t forget anything that has happened before. We’ll be making a post every five or six episodes with our thoughts on them and updated numbers like Sam’s Bitchface Counter & Dean’s Horrible Pick-Up Line Counter. We’re excited for those the most.

5.) COSTUMING (new costumes, updated site) —

zhobot updates! - costumes

We have a few new costumes we’ve added to our HOPEFULLY upcoming costume list. You can see them in the image above — Ethan & Mia Winters from Resident Evil VII, Yusuke Kitagawa & Futaba Sakura from Persona 5, McCree & Mercy from Overwatch (specifically the Mystery Man skin for McCree and something for Mercy that is not the skin above — but more on that in the near future!) and finally, two Jacen & Tenel Ka costumes from amazing art by glitterhobo!

6.) AROMAPARODY (a new idea in the works here!) —

zhobot updates! - candles

We started fiddling with making candles after I bought a how-to kit to see how it worked out. I wanted something creative to do that was different and it needed to be something I stood up for since I have been having issues with my back and such. I enjoyed doing it and Nate helped out when I got more stuff to make a small batch and we found ourselves way more entertained than we should have been — mostly because we love mixing scents and seeing how it turns out. But also the fact that we started calling each different batch (with the different colors & scents) we made by names since it was the easiest way to discern which ones we were speaking of and then realized we were sort of theming our candles. We would mention “the McCree ones” or “the Saints Row ones” and we thought it would be fun to specifically do it instead of accidentally doing it — so we are starting a mess of candles called Aromaparody and they’re going to be soy candles inspired our favorite characters, games, books, places, etc.

More info on that soon, but if you want to keep updated and stay on top of news about the candles, you can keep an eye on the (totally not set up at all) AP Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr! We’ll also make announcements on some zhobot social media regarding them to here and there.

7.) GAMES (visual novels? horror? something?) —

zhobot updates! - games

We’ve been talking about making a game. We have some basic ideas for mechanics and story and such but nothing too serious past that. So who knows if it’ll ever actually happen but it’s a challenge we want to attempt at some point so we wanted to put it on this list!

8.) EMBLEM ABOVE (writing) —

zhobot updates! - writing

I (Heather) have been working on an original story (on top of all the ridiculous fanfiction) that I started for NaNoWriMo last year. I didn’t hit the word count that month but I’ve been steadily building on what I started then and this is the furthest I’ve ever gotten into writing an original story so even though it’s not much, I’m proud of it. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been trying to get in the character’s heads better over here and there’s some story inspiration there as well as more info on the actual story!

9.) DATABASES (yay organization!) —

zhobot updates! - database

Nate has been working on databases that will keep track of all of our costume pieces, wigs, shoes, props, fabric, sewing patterns and all kinds of other craft/sewing/creative sorts of things. We need a way to easily be able to see what we have and don’t have (for example: if I had an idea for a costume that needed a skirt, it’s much easier to check a database, look for skirts and see photos of the patterns I have) and it’ll save us a lot of time and hassle. If it ends up the way we’re hoping, we might find a way to be able to share it so others can use it for their own creative organization purposes.

(The image in the banner above is just a few of the photos we need to go through for the wig portion of the database! ;))

This is a lot of stuff we want to get done, and we know we’re horrible procrastinators, but getting any of these done will be awesome. The fact that we’ve even started some of them is a great accomplishment for us! Besides procrastinating, we have a horrible habit of coming up with ideas and then never even attempting to do a damn thing with them. :\ Not anymore!



Heather is a chronic napper and trying to rid herself of her horrible procrastination habit (hahahahaha). In her free time she likes to craft lopsided little things and play video games. Magical, magical video games. You can catch her on Twitter & Tumblr!

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